MJCOLE Pictures In My Head | 2D Animation

When MJ Cole reached out looking for a music video for his new track, we naturally jumped at the chance! Having been a fan of MJ Cole’s music for years it was an amazing opportunity to pour a lot of passion into an open brief. Using the track as a starting point, it was clear that the piece had to be fun, vibrant and a bit surreal. We wanted to stay true to MJ Cole’s roots but align it with a more contemporary the visual style.
For us, Pictures in my Head instantly triggers images of a colourful world made up of random visual metaphors, so it was only right that visuals captured this. The more we dissected the lyrics of the track the deeper we dove into the nuances of love and the emotional experiences that go with it.
In the video we venture into the mind of the female vocalist, exploring visually what the lyrics represent. The overall vibe is random and dream like. There are sexual undertones in the lyrics so we tried to capture some of this naughtiness and portray it in a way that wasn't crude but still fun and visually appealing.