"Chapter One" Video Copilot Live 2019 – Opening Title | 3D/C…

"Chapter One" Video Copilot Live 2019 – Opening Title

Chapter One is a opening title sequence I made for the video copilot live tour Paris
The idea was to create a realistic environment with an abstract context
I wanted to symbolize the idea of life through a water creature that spread life randomly
To finally be personified to a natural being

Video Copilot Live will be a night of artist’s showcases and a behind the scenes look at tips from the professionals! From SciFi, UI, to Environment creation, designers from across the country to share tips and meet the community!

Direction / Animation/ Design by "Mehdi Hadi"
Soundtrack: “Above The Ocean” by Evan MacDonald
3D: Cinema 4D
Renderer: Octane Render
Compositing: After Effects
Thanks to :
Video Copilot - Motion Designers Community - Otoy - Quixel Megascan - Maxon

Mehdi, Hadi