Lorenzo Live 2018 Intro | 2D Animation

Lorenzo Live Tour 2018 Intro

Created by Manuele Fior & Silly Walks studio.


Concept Direction Illustrations
Manuele Fior
Creative Producer
Carlo Zoratti

Brought to life by
Silly Walks studio

Direction: Silly Walks studio.
Production: Martín Martínez, Josep Baño
Account Manager: Javier Gimenez
Storyboard and Animatic: Javier Sanchez, Josep Baño
Layout: Alberto Gil
Backgrounds: Martín Martínez
Animation: Nacho Rodriguez, Alberto Gil, Josep Baño, Javier Sanchez,
Alberto Sanz, Martín Martínez.
Fx Animation: Alberto gil, David Orellana, Alba Ballesta, Josep Baño
Clean Up Lead: Martín Martínez
Clean Up Artists: David Orellana, Alba Ballesta, Alberto Sanz, Javier Sanchez
Compositing Lead: Alberto Gil
Compositing: Mario Ceballos
Editing: Alberto Gil

Sound Design and Mixing
Lorenzo Giulio Massimo Dal Ri Ri

A production by
Trident Management for “Lorenzo Live 2018”