First Bloom | 2D Animation

First Bloom is official online at Vimeo: from Oct 19th - Nov11th!
A beautiful story of a first love set in ancient China you do not want to miss.
Directed and animated by Tingting Liu, a Chinese female animator from Laika Studios.
Special Thanks To My Pixar Mentor:Adam Burke!
Also thanks to all friends, coworkers, animation industry professionals, artists, team members and family's support

All Animation created by hand drawing in CG, fully animated in TVPaint, Other software used for Logo Design and Editing :Photoshop,Premiere.
music:Tao Liu
Sound Effects: Amanda Peach Hughes
Visual Effects: Dan Casey
Orchestra:Budapest Scoring Orchestra
Chinese Music recorder:Luna Safari
Orchestrate: Tao Liu
Conductor: Peter Pejtsik
Music Performed by: Budapest Scoring Orchestra
Music Recorded at: Studio 22
Music Recording: Miklos Lukas
Session Supervisor: Balint Sapszon
Chinese session supervisor: Luna Safari
Dizi soloist: Keqi Zhou
Pipa soloist: Jiangang Qiu
Chinese session recordists: Supeng Kong, Fei Chen
DCP Help: Jackie White
Advising support: Bridget Underwood, Sandrine Han Jin Kuang, Lluis Llobera, YuchChih Eric Lin, Laurent Rossi