One Day at a Time | Animated documentary (2017) | 2D Animation

A charcoal animated documentary about an ex-homeless man, and the changes he has made as a recovering alcoholic.

This is my second year student film at Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema (Concordia University).


- Ottawa International Film Festival - Official selection (2017)
- Sommets du cinéma d'animation - Official selection (2017)
- Animafest Zagreb - Official selection (2018)
- Au Contraire Film Festival - Official selection (2018)


Narration by Bobby Vaughn
Sound mix by Tim Horlor
Supervised by Luc Otter
With support from The Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA)

©Rui Ting Ji, 2017
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema (MHSoC) - Concordia University