TEDxNingbo OPENING | Motion Graphics

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Hawa,the Organizer of TEDxNingbo, ask me if I can create a motion opening for their new event.and send me the kv they have already designed. and it reminds me of another really awesome opening created by Bito
I think it's fine ,and also a good chance to do a non-profit project,so I agree and make this little opening in my free time.

the title of this event is "π“,so I came up with "3.1415926...","circle"and "illusion triangle”and try to combine it together and make it as simple as possible

and I also create some loop gif from this project ,you can find it here:

Software:After effect
Motion Design :Somei 孙世晟
Music & SFX : 大囍记
Kv design:CH-LAB