Transhumance OFFF Tour Qc | Motion Graphics

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Main Titles for the OFFF 2016 on Tour in Montreal -

Transhumance, the periodic migration of a share of livestock (cattle, deer, horses or sheep) from
the plain to the mountains or the mountain to the plain.

Film by HKI™ Hellohikimori™-
Music by Niveau Zero -

Original scenario: Nathalie Melato - David Ronhel
Creative Direction: David Ronhel
3D Artists: Antoine Louis - Sophie Languor - Solyne Loyer
Editing: David Ronhel
Post Production: David Ronhel - Antoine Louis - Solyne Loyer - Mathilde Lier
Voice Over: Juna Martin Oliva
Producers: Loic Movellan - Clément Salle - Olivier Tran
Developers: Guillaume Gouessan - Laetitia Nanni - Valentin Daguenet
Studio Manager: Marie Midler
Special Thanks: -

Exclusive Render Farm Partner: