Plastic Flowers {official video HD} | Motion Graphics

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Story concept:

If you're alive, we are always having a deepest desire in our mind that is a silent space making us oxygen and breathing, which can present as narrow and limited corner. We chasing, run away from the reality, and struggling in our whole life, cause we do not want to face the fear and laid heavy burden on in our heart.

However, we truly understand we can't run away from all of fear the world, which life is like a cycling, and non-stop whirling.

Therefore, people believe religion is a strongly conviction and loyalty way to protect there self even it just making s piece of the silence freedom imaging in their mind.

"If we losing any religions, which looks like we do not have freedom anymore, indeed that is the last wishes."

Could you telling me what is the different between human being and the death. Free from a body, people still trying to evade the reality, but back inside to the middle of heart, the religion is continuing slowly growing up and building it. Even feeble pulse, and the sounds grew fainter, I still telling myself, I believe I won't give up for my life.

In the end, what about the most important hearts? Are you feeling alive or death?

The story is about a man who's "recalling his past" in hospital after his failed attempt to leap to his death after drug.

He loves music and using it to create "life", but when things start to lose control, the poison comes right after and takeover his everything, which force him to devote and turn himself into music, back to a world where they are the only existence.

Music became his only belief and religion, but faces the collapse of ending, when the belief is lost, he can only fall down back into reality, staring at the sky at the end of the tall shaft, living the close, bed-within life.