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Motion 0 2463
Students and alumni at Savannah College of Art and Design, wishing to express their support for Paris following a day of horror, produced these animations. This piece is not meant to exclude other nations that have been struck by terror; it is meant to serve as an inspiration for others to fight hatred through love and poetry.

Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Animations (in order of appearance): Jordan Lyle, Audrey Sims, Nick Fisch, Chieh Lee, Jessica Thomas, Jay Keeree , Jessie Compton, Christian Kay, Ria Urbon, Nick Lyons, Preston Gibson, Lou Ward, Dominica Jordan, Zoe Heatwole, Sam Jones, Yukari Schrickel, Zoë Heatwole, Callie Barnard, Christopher Mennuto, Benge Li, Daniel Visconti, Eddy Nieto, Emaia Rise, Duarte Elvas (x2), Roxy Velez, Timothy Skinner and Robert Morrison, Timmy Lingard, Ray Lux, Po Chen Chia, Sarah Beth Hulver, Tiffany Chu, Stasia Luo, Jessica Wyatt.