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Post Man is an ongoing Instagram series started in 2015.

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Updates and special 360 VR videos:

My main background is in live-action filmmaking. For the last couple years I hit a bit of a block with making videos. I was frustrated by the limitations of shoe-string budgets. I was frustrated at myself because of silly expectations of "making it " and comparing myself to other people.

It took a couple years of just trying to embrace stability before I even wanted to make anything again. In 2014 I got a job as a motion graphic designer at a social media ad agency where the deadlines forced me to learn a lot of things I thought I could never learn. I started these videos as an outlet to just go nuts after hours with new techniques and to escape to other worlds 15 seconds at a time. Now it's a weekly commitment. And it's fun.

Here are the 3D modeling credits under creative commons and public domain:
"Hindu Wedding Hall" by Danan
"The Hunter and His Dog" originally by John Gibson. 3d model created by Oliver Laric
"Old Man" by Paul Tosca
"The Country Hallway" by Wig42
"Creepy Staircase" Model by OmniStorm

Panda Bear - "Lonely Wanderer"
Lil Debbie - "Bake A Cake"
Protomartyr - "Want Remover"
Health - "Dark Enough"
Colin Stetson - "From no part of me I could summon a voice"
Evanescence - "My Immortal"
Health - "Stonefist"
Vashti Bunyan - "Swallow Song"

Animation mostly done in Adobe After Effects with Video Copilot Element.
Creatures made in MakeHuman
Motion Capture created in Mixamo and Blender